「iScan mini」A hand-held photographic 3D colorful image scanner is based on infrared raster depth image-forming principle.It is a 3D camera system based on video data acquisition.During scanning, its measuring lens measure depth data through acquisition by adopting infrared raster cast lights to calculate depth map.It then matches the colorful data gathered by colorful lens with matrix colors to obtain colorful point cloud data and generate standard ASC colorful point cloud.After this, it fuzzily recognizes and matches single width data through similarity analysis to automatically connect data models.It will finally generate complete colorful point cloud 3D data and complete colorful 3D data reconstruction.

Three-dimensional data collection for true color portraits, personalized gifts manufacture (3D print portraits, crystal internal engraving), 3D character modeling of motion pictures, animations, and computer games


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Technical Parameters



Texture acquirement:Yes

3D resolution ratio:0.9mm

Positional precision:0.5 mm (average)

Relation between 3D data precision and the distance:0.5% lower every 30 cm

Light source:Infrared

Distance between points:0.6- 5mm

Maximum data obtaining speed:2,500,000 points/second

Video frame rate:30 fps

Output format:OBJ, PLY

Acquisition time of single frame:0.033s

Scanning time (the half body):About 20s

Texture definition:480x640 px

Color:24-bit high color

Working distance range:25cm – 200cm

Close distance scanning range HxW:400 mm x 255 mm

Far distance scanning range HxW:560 mm x 371mm

Scan angle distance HxW:60x180°

Normal lens:Fixed lens

Power supply:12V, 36W


Data interface:1хUSB2.0

Requirements on computer:NVIDIA GTX65 or above, 2G video memory or above. Processor I5 or above. 8G internal storage or above (recommended configuration) System: Windows 7 or Windows 8 - x64



It takes only 20 seconds to half body scan.


Convenient and rapid.

Being able to change scanning angles freely and

avoid data blanks caused by grooves and blind angles.


The easy-to-use operation

can be mastered within 5 minutes.


Its handbag package is light and convenient.

It’s convenient for all occasions.


It supports RGB full color scanning

and precise acquisition of high-quality geometrical shapes and colors.


It supports image mode background filtering.