「WindRunner X-1」represents the first Industrial-grade-to-be handheld binocular 3D scanner after the incorporation of Bb3D; owing to the adoption of the leading 3D data acquisition technology and integration of accuracy, portability and simplicity, the product is capable of rapidly completing 3D scan on human organs or items. Pioneer F-1 is capable of a wide range of applications, including industrial design, medical recovery, auto interior decoration, virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR), 3D print and medical sector. The product may display its function as long as 3D data are involved. It is bound to bring you to a 3D display-based future world filled with technological sense.

Windrunner X-1 has integrated the most focal and state-of-the-art graphic acquisition and computation technology of Bb3D. Owing to the 60 fps (frame per second) scanning speed, the single-frame data is capable of being displayed in 0.3 s. The product has greatly helped enhance scanning speed, significantly reduce error arising out of vibration from manual operation, and better meet with your operation demand in a faster and quicker manner. Windrunner X-1 makes use of advanced smart algorithm software for fully auto precise splicing of pictures so that you may easily and accurately acquire 3D data of complex objects.

Product has a wide range of applications, including medical recovery (orthosis, auxiliaries, artificial limbs, etc.), industries (auto interior decoration, reverse design), premium customization for human organs (lingerie, figs, etc.), sculpture crafts production, virtual reality, commodity 3D display.


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Technical Parameters


Dimension:288 * 208 * 60mm

Scan accuracy:0.030 — 0.500mm

Scan speed:60 fps (frame per second)

Scan speed per frame:< 0.3s

Spatial point distance:0.080 — 1.500mm

Single scan scope:100 * 160mm~150 * 240mm

Lens:1.31 million pixel (doubleeyes structure)

Light source:White/blue/green light LED (eye safety) three options

Scan mode:Handheld/fixed mode

Scan method:Non-contact surface scan

Compatible software:3D Systems(Geomagic®Solutions)、InnovMetric Software(PolyWorks)、Dassault Systems(CATIA V5 and SolidWorks)、PTC(Pro/ENGINEER)\Siemens(NX and Solid Edge)、Autodesk(Inventor、Alias、3ds Max、Maya、Sofimage)

Outdoor scan:Partially compatible (influence on blue light by exterior light relatively small)


Power supply:Inbuilt battery (12V 4A), power line not required for scanning

Scan positioning accesory:Turntable, tripod, inbuilt laser

Computer requirements:Recommended configuration: NVIDIA GTX650 and above, graphic memory 2G and above, processor I5 and above, memory 8G and above



adopt the advanced binoculus double camera technology and highly integrated design of optical, mechanical and electric elements, portable and easy to use


adopt the visible light-based scanning technology, safer than laser technology; it will not cause accidental injury to eyes


scanning time of single picture is less than 0.3s; adopt structure light surface scanning technology to realize high speed scanning


it can scan different items as well as 3D modeling of human organs, boasting of extensive applications


be compatible with portable and fixed scanning ,turntable automatic scanning


user knows how to operate by 5-minute training, fool-based operation and import calibration data by a press


adopt high luminance LED cold light source, service life of light source 100,000 hours


be compatible with multiple modes, including symbolic point, feature, turntable and manual splicing


Simple and lightweight equipment, easy to carry,, connection between scanner and computer not complex